Welcome to the age of Artificial Intelligence — guaranteed to change your service experiences. At the International Service Design Institute, we are researching and learning how service design will tie in with AI in the future, while observing how the two interconnect seamlessly.

Machine learning image, with directional faces, head diagram clipart, against transparent people montage.
Gerd Altmann • Freiburg/Deutschland • PIXABAY Sept. 15, 2012

The goal of AI is to learn from patterns and predict outcomes, including user behavior. The goal of a service designer is to create fulfilling service experiences while meeting user needs.

With insights from AI, service designers are able to improve services by intuiting user paths thereby providing more desirable…

Young synchronized skaters competing in Greece circa 2016. Creative Commons.
Young synchronized skaters competing in Greece circa 2016. Creative Commons.

An elderly woman interviewed on the recently-added Netflix documentary “Perfect,” said something to the effect: Audiences have higher expectations of younger dancers. Cut to a clip of older dancers struggling to stay in a straight line on stage, all wearing too-tight pink dance costumes and pink tights.

“When the performers…

When service providers say they try and exceed customers’ expectations, they are setting the bar much higher than needed. To achieve user satisfaction, all it takes is to meet their expectations.

To be satisfied means the service journey was reliable and resulted in the desired outcome. But as far as service designers are concerned, the real measure is whether the entire experience meets the user’s preconception.

Most English and medical dictionaries define preconceptions as “an idea or opinion formed beforehand.” The…

Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater, a service designer, is co-founder of International Service Design Institute www.internationalservicedesigninstitute.com

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